SEALAND –  an independent country on a mysterious platform just off the coast of Felixstowe surrounded by myth and fantastical stories, inextricably linked to both Radio Caroline and The Bates family.  But how much do you really know of its story? The truth is stranger than fiction!


Pirate Radio was at its height of popularity when Roy Bates – one time soldier and lately multiple entrepreneur -  eyed up an abandoned WW2 defence platform in the Thames Estuary - Knock John Fort -  as a possible location for his new station Radio Essex.

The swinging sixties had brought with it a new found set of freedoms and young people with the money and time to appreciate it. Pop music was flourishing with home grown bands such as the Beatles and The Who as well as those from across the water.

But the UK authorities were determined to stamp out this rise of pirates clogging up the airwaves – and who better to target than high profile eccentric Roy Bates and his family.  

This play follows the Bates family’s attempt to set up a pirate radio station as the rivalry with Radio Caroline escalated into running battles – and then their fight to create an independent nation on Roughs Tower  - a windswept,  isolated  platform just off  the Felixstowe coast .

With an eclectic mix of  characters, undercover operations  and  the drama of an attempted coup -  plus re creating the pirate radio experience with DJ patter and jingles  - and with live music from the 1960’s and 70’s – this will be a treat not to be missed.