A play with original music and songs of the time about the struggle for the vote between Emmeline Pankhurst’s Suffragettes and Millicent Fawcett’s Suffragists.
From the parliamentary strivings of the early NSWS and then the NUWSS in the late 1800’s to the militant campaign of WSPU in the early 1900’s, the fight for women’s right to vote was a long and protracted one in which many put their lives (some literally) and souls into winning.
But two women stand out as the leaders of the fight: Emmeline Pankhurst from Manchester and Millicent Garrett Fawcett from Aldeburgh in Suffolk
Millicent and Emmeline were in many ways opposites and yet they both were working towards the same goal – not just the vote but equality for women. They knew without the vote that equality would never happen – but that with it a process would be started that no man could stop.
But would their rivalry prove the undoing of their national campaign and put an end to the dreams they both shared but wanted to achieve in very different ways?

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